Carolina Shores

Backyard Garbage and Recycling Pickup

After moving to the original Carolina Shores development in October 2002, I was horrified to learn that I had to haul trash. I had a 10-pound weight limit. For more than nine years I have fought to get garbage pickup for the disabled. They include elderly members of our communities. In late 2009 Amanda Chestnut discovered that the County provided the service. A 90-gallon container is provided that can be kept in a side or backyard. Waste Industries pulls it to its truck for emptying.

After Ms. Chestnut's finding, the Town of Carolina Shores revised the County form to apply to Carolina Shores. This neighborhood particularly is affected because we lack curbside pickup. That decision was made in 1998 when our neighborhood became a one-subdivision town. At least since October 2002 our residents have not been asked if they want or need home pickup.

I was among the first persons notified of the availability of backyard garbage pickup. My services began in early 2010. The Town added recycling, with two pickups per month. Items must be inside garbage bags. Currently eight persons in the Town of Carolina Shores receive this service. I do not know how many of them live in this neighborhood.

According to Town Administrator Mike Hargett, in November 2009, by email, the Town notified all homeowner and property owner associations of the services. Although in this original neighborhood the service has not yet been announced to residents, I was told last week that, now that our POA knows about it, the availability of backyard pickup will be published in the next Bulletin.

At my suggestion, last week the Town made the forms more visible on its website. I have said repeatedly that if the service was not broadcast to each resident, I would get out the word. I have written to the Brunswick Beacon. I waited long enough. Neighbors have died. Others have grown children moving in to care for them. Some pay people to take their trash to the recycle center. By broadcasting this news, you can help your residents who require assistance. Trust me when I say that this encourages recycling. My recycling bags far outnumber my garbage bags.

Thank you for your cooperation. Below is my Letter to the Editor.

Backyard Trash Pickup

Most elderly residents disabled by age are unaware that Brunswick County offers Backyard Garbage Pickup. If a physician signs a County form indicating the resident cannot pull a 90-gallon container to the curb, and no one else is available in the household to put the container out, the County provides backyard pickup.

The most egregious oversight is the failure to notify residents of the original Carolina Shores neighborhood. Many owners moved here 30 years ago, are widowed and are unable to transport trash.

In late 2009 Amanda Chestnut discovered that the County provided backyard garbage pickup. The Town developed forms for recycling and garbage pickup. Eight of us have backyard pickup. There are nearly 1,200 additional elderly residents in this neighborhood who haul their trash and recycling to the recycle center. Many pay persons to do those tasks or ask friends for assistance.

Reportedly in 2009 information about home pickup was sent to homeowner associations. Few if any residents were notified of their right to the service. The Town of Carolina Shores picks up recycling twice monthly for those qualifying for backyard garbage service.

For more than nine years I have fought for home pickup for disabled persons. I am writing this letter and also a message to each POA and HOA to try to notify all eligible residents. When putting on shoes and getting the mail are difficult, hauling trash should not be required.

The forms are available on the Town website under Services and then Public Works:{985FB42C-B09F-46F8-8E5E-0DD628B31588}

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